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A professional home inspector guiding a homeowner through a thorough inspection of their property.

Home Buying - 6-Minute Read

Ashley Kilroy - Feb 27, 2023

Your Guide To Blue Tape Walkthroughs

The blue tape walkthrough of your newly constructed home is an important step before you move in. Learn more about what it entails and what to check for.

A family sitting comfortably on a couch, possibly in a home setting.

Mortgage Basics - 4-Minute Read

Molly Grace - Feb 26, 2023

A Guide To Understanding Bundle Of Rights In Real Estate

A bundle of rights describes the legal rights associated with property ownership: the right of possession, control, enjoyment, disposition and exclusion.

Home Inspection Checklist in Activity Video

Home Buying - 6-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Feb 26, 2023

Buyer's Home Inspection Checklist

Make sure your new house is up to snuff inside and out with this handy-dandy Home Buyer’s Inspection Checklist. Foundation, plumbing, electrical and more — we cover it all, right here.

A middle-aged couple at a kitchen island using a computer and calculator, potentially managing finances or planning for a home purchase.

Mortgage Basics - 5-Minute Read

Scott Steinberg - Feb 25, 2023

Can You Deduct Mortgage Interest On A Second Home?

In certain cases, you can use second mortgage interest deductions to reduce the amount you owe when you file taxes. Read our guide to learn if you qualify.

Image potentially related to green MBS (Mortgage-Backed Securities) or financial investments.

Real Estate - 3-Minute Read

Scott Steinberg - Feb 24, 2023

An Overview On The Green MBS Program

Fannie Mae offers green MBS (mortgage-backed securities) to provide borrowers with a green financing option. You can learn more about this initiative here.

Hands exchanging paperwork, potentially signifying transactions or agreements.

Home Buying - 8-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Feb 24, 2023

Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim After A Natural Disaster

Are you thinking about filing a homeowners insurance claim to repair your house in the wake of a natural disaster? Here's what you need to know.

A blonde woman writing notes while on the phone, potentially related to real estate or work-related tasks.

Mortgage Basics - 5-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Feb 24, 2023

What Is A Mortgagee Clause?

Provisions in real estate transactions can be tricky to understand. For instance, what is a mortgagee clause, and how can it impact lenders and borrowers?

A male and a female business partners signing contracts, suggesting a business or professional agreement.

Real Estate - 3-Minute Read

Miranda Crace - Feb 23, 2023

Participation Mortgage: An Explanation

Developing a commercial real estate project? You’ll need multiple lenders to spread the risk. Learn how participation mortgages can finance large deals.
Two businesswomen shaking hands, representing a successful business agreement or partnership.

Home Buying - 8-Minute Read

David Collins - Feb 23, 2023

Your Home Offer Was Accepted. What’s Next?

The seller accepted your offer? Congratulations! Learn which steps to take next, including having the home inspected, scheduling a final walkthrough and more.

Aerial view of Dupont Circle in DC, possibly showcasing a location or neighborhood for real estate discussions.

Loan Types - 2-Minute Read

Lauren Nowacki - Feb 23, 2023

FHA Announces Lower Mortgage Insurance Premiums For FHA Loans

Learn more about the FHA reducing Mortgage Insurance Premiums and how it affects you.

Image of a women talking on her possibly to some family member while looking outside the window.

Mortgage Basics - 4-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Feb 23, 2023

Paying Off Your Mortgage? Get Your Quote By Phone

Are you looking to finally pay off your mortgage? Congratulations on the achievement! Here’s how you do it.

A young couple standing in front of their new home, symbolizing homeownership and a new chapter in life.

Home Buying - 9-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Feb 22, 2023

The Emotion Behind Buying A House

Ready to buy a house – and feeling about a dozen emotions all at once? Here’s what you need to know about feeling emotion during the home-buying process.

A woman smiling on a party at her new home

News - 4-Minute Read

Stacey Tisdale - Feb 22, 2023

#RealEstateReset: How Gloria Steinem Is Using Her Home To Create A Safe Space For Women

Feminist icon shares the role homeownership plays in her past, present and future

Image of a person, potentially named Stacey, possibly associated with real estate or related matters.

News - 6-Minute Read

Stacey Tisdale - Feb 22, 2023

#RealEstateReset: Stacey Tisdale Shares How The Government Used Real Estate To Separate Blacks And Whites, Along With Her Personal Story Of Racial Isolation

The gap between Black and white homeownership is at its highest level in 50 years, with segregation and separation still abounding.

A black woman working on the wooden structure of a new house.

News - 5-Minute Read

Stacey Tisdale - Feb 22, 2023

#RealEstateReset: How One Woman Broke The Chains of Domestic Violence And Financial Abuse To Became A Homeowner

Digging Deep And Building A Lasting Foundation For Wealth, Happiness And Prosperity

A modern contemporary house with lots of windows, showcasing architectural design and residential style.

Refinancing - 9-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Feb 22, 2023

What Is A Tangible Net Benefit?

Tangible net benefit, or net tangible benefit, is the advantageous gains that a borrower gets by refinancing. Read more about the benefits of refinancing here.

A small, unique bedroom, showcasing interior design for small-space living.

Real Estate - 4-Minute Read

Sidney Richardson - Feb 20, 2023

What Qualifies As A Bedroom? Know Before You Buy Or Sell

In real estate, more bedrooms equals higher value, but not just any old room will count. So, what qualifies as a bedroom? Use this guide before you buy or sell. 

Couple sitting together on a couch, illustrating a couple spending time together in a relaxed setting.

News - 6-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Feb 20, 2023

96% Of Americans Make Homeownership Harder Than Necessary – Do You?

Recent survey results show that getting a mortgage is likely easier than most Americans think, at least in some way. Here’s what you need to qualify.

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