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First-Time Home Buyer Tips: A Guide

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Contemporary home with wood panelled exterior and glass floor to ceiling windows.

Home Buying 5-Minute Read

Carla Ayers - Jul 22, 2024

Buying A Flipped House: What You Need To Know

Watching experts flip a house is exciting, but would you want to actually move in? Learn what to look for before buying a flipped property.

Realtor showing clients around loft.

Home Buying 7-Minute Read

Jamie Johnson - Jul 21, 2024

Are Closing Costs Negotiable?

When buying or refinancing a house, it’s important to know that closing costs are negotiable. Learn what fees are negotiable and how to bring them down.

A college student using a laptop, representing education loans.

Home Buying 10-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jul 19, 2024

Buying Property As A Student: Can You Get A Home Loan In College Or Graduate School?

Buying a house while in college may be a viable option if you have the financial means and meet lender requirements. Learn how to buy a house as a student.

Exterior of a red house, illustrating the exterior appearance of a red-colored house.

Home Buying 4-Minute Read

Miranda Crace - Jul 19, 2024

Price Per Square Foot: Why It Matters And How It’s Calculated

A home’s price per square foot is calculated by dividing the listing price by the home’s square footage. Learn more about this metric and why it matters.
A woman enjoying a cup of tea while sitting on a cozy couch possibly thinking about real estate investment or this choice between renting or buying a house.

Home Buying 4-Minute Read

Jamie Johnson - Jun 26, 2024

Rent Vs. Buy: A Guide To Help You Decide

Deciding between buying or renting your next home? Learn more with our guide, including how to use a rent vs. buy calculator to help you make a decision.

A couple viewing information together on a laptop.

Home Buying 5-Minute Read

Miranda Crace - Jun 24, 2024

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) Explained

RESPA protects prospective home buyers by increasing lender transparency and outlawing certain predatory real estate practices. Find out more here.

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