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A picturesque home with a spacious front yard, showcasing its beauty and inviting ambiance.

Mortgage Basics - 4-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Jul 19, 2024

What Is The Alienation Clause In Real Estate And How Does It Work?

The alienation clause, or due-on-sale clause, requires all mortgage payments be made at the time of sale. Learn how it impacts borrowers and real estate.
People of different races enjoying dinner on the dining table.

Loan Types - 6-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jul 19, 2024

What Is The Minimum VA Loan Credit Score For A Home Purchase Or Refinance?

VA home loans are an affordable mortgage option for current and former service members who qualify. Learn about the minimum credit score needed to qualify for a VA loan for a home purchase or refinance.
A man in green sitting at a counter with a French press and a laptop.

Mortgage Basics - 4-Minute Read

Erin Gobler - Jul 19, 2024

What Are eMortgages And How Do They Work?

Electronic mortgages are a convenient option for some home buyers. Explore eMortgages, including how they work and whether you’re a good candidate for one.
A red brick colonial home in fall, depicting a colonial-style house in an autumnal setting.

Mortgage Basics - 4-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Jul 19, 2024

What Is A Warranty Deed?

When you buy a home, you want to be sure that no one but you and your lender hold claim to the property. Find out how a warranty deed protects you.
Family sitting at the table outside cheers-ing with summer drinks and smiling.

News - 5-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jul 18, 2024

Program Provides Qualified Detroiters With Up To $25,000 In Down Payment Assistance

Are you a Detroiter trying to buy a home, but lacking the funds for a down payment? A city program provides qualified residents with up to $25,000.
A kid doing a split in the doorway of a house.

Real Estate - 12-Minute Read

Ashley Kilroy - Jul 16, 2024

What Is Affordable Housing? How To Find And Qualify For It

Affordable housing requires less than 30% of a renter’s or owner’s monthly income. Learn more about what affordable housing is and how to qualify for it here.

A man carefully reviewing documents related to real estate or financial matters.

Mortgage Basics - 5-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Jul 16, 2024

How Much Does Title Insurance Cost? Estimates, Requirements And Savings Tips

How much does title insurance cost? It varies, but the cost is generally 0.5% – 1% of the home’s sale price. Learn more about the cost of title insurance.

A young woman assisting an elderly man in a wheelchair, potentially related to refinancing or homeownership.

Refinancing - 4-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jul 16, 2024

Consolidate Debt To Negate Rising Rates

The Federal Reserve has pushed up the federal funds rate. With all rates going up, it’s a good time to use your equity to consolidate high-interest debt.

Father spending quality time with his daughter, possibly engaged in a learning or creative session.

Mortgage Basics - 3-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jul 16, 2024

Freddie Mac BorrowSmart® Access℠ Expands Home Affordability

Freddie Mac BorrowSmart® Access℠ offers a credit toward the down payment or closing costs of qualified buyers in certain areas. Read on for details!

An Asian family enjoying family moments outside a white house.

Loan Types - 8-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jul 16, 2024

What Is Freddie Mac’s Home Possible® Loan?

Freddie Mac’s Home Possible® program offers low down payments and fees for low-income buyers. Learn if the Home Possible program can help you buy a home.

Happy family gathered around laptop on couch enjoying their time.

Loan Types - 6-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Jul 16, 2024

HomeReady® Mortgage: How To Apply For This Loan

A HomeReady mortgage can assist you in the home buying process, offering you a lower down payment. Learn more about how to apply for this loan program.

A handshake between two individuals, indicating a successful agreement or deal.

Mortgage Basics - 6-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jul 16, 2024

Community Seconds And Affordable Seconds: How They Can Help Finance Your Home Loan

Need a little extra help covering your down payment or closing costs? A program like Fannie Mae's Community Seconds might be able to help. Here's how it works.

A professional appraiser meticulously inspects a property, examining its features and documenting findings.

Loan Types - 8-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jul 3, 2024

Home Equity Loan Appraisal: What You Need To Know

Will your home equity loan require an appraisal? Most likely, so explore our guide to learn more about home equity loan appraisals and how you can prepare.

A man working on multiple computers simultaneously, indicating multitasking or tech-related work.

Mortgage Basics - 3-Minute Read

Sarah Sharkey - Jul 3, 2024

What Is An Automated Valuation Model (AVM)?

An automated valuation model (AVM) is a data-based tool real estate sites use to offer estimated property value on searched properties. Explore how it works.

An woman happily talking on the phone

Loan Types - 12-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Jul 1, 2024

FHA Loans: Requirements, Loan Limits And Rates

An FHA loan is a government-backed loan that allows you to buy a home with less strict financial requirements. Learn more about FHA loans and if you qualify.

A woman with a dog, depicting a homeowner or tenant with a pet, potentially discussing pet-friendly housing or home-related topics.

Refinancing - 9-Minute Read

Miranda Crace - Jul 1, 2024

Can You Refinance After Bankruptcy?

In order to refinance after bankruptcy, you’ll need to follow the waiting period associated with your loan type. Learn how you can refinance after bankruptcy.

A kitchen under construction, indicating a renovation or remodeling project.

Real Estate - 5-Minute Read

Carla Ayers - Jul 1, 2024

Buying A Fixer-Upper House: Pros And Cons

You can buy fixer-upper houses at lower prices and renovate them to enjoy or sell. Learn how this works – and uncover the pros and cons of buying a fixer-upper.

A diverse group of individuals gathered around a table, engrossed in conversation.

Loan Types - 7-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jul 1, 2024

VA Loan Limits For 2024: What You Need To Know

Loan limits cap the amount you can borrow for a mortgage, but VA loans usually don't have a limit. Learn when a loan limit might apply and how they work.

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