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A row of condos, discussing the cost or refinancing options related to condominiums.

Refinancing 9-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jan 18, 2024

Refinancing Your Condo: A Complete Guide

Looking to refinance your condo? The process isn't too different from refinancing a traditional home mortgage. Here's how to get started with the process.

An indigenous woman engaged in the process of checking a credit score or financial information.

Refinancing 6-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jan 16, 2024

How Does Refinancing Your Mortgage Impact Your Credit?

Does refinancing hurt your credit? Slightly, but the long-term benefits of refinancing your mortgage can far outweigh the temporary downside. Learn more here.

A classic white house, illustrating a traditional residential property with a timeless design.

Refinancing 8-Minute Read

Ashley Kilroy - Dec 19, 2023

Refinance To Pay Off Debt: Is It Right For You?

Looking to pay off your credit cards or other high-interest debt? If you have enough equity in your home, you may be able to refinance to consolidate your debt.

Couple Signing Mortgage

Refinancing 4-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Dec 13, 2023

Refinancing With The Same Lender: Is It A Good Idea?

Should you refinance your loan with the same lender? It depends on your financial situation and what lenders are offering. Uncover pros and cons to consider.

A man accompanied by a dog, possibly connected to home renovation or improvement.

Refinancing 2-Minute Read

Miranda Crace - Sep 19, 2023

Refinancing To Renovate: How And Where Homeowners Reinvested Their Equity

Homeowners have been refinancing to fund home renovations. We explore the reasons where it’s been popular and the kinds of renovations homeowners are making.

Should You Refinance in Activity Video

Refinancing 6-Minute Read

Jul 28, 2023

The Red Desk: Should You Refinance?

Mortgages aren’t just for buying a new home. They can be refinanced to buy more real estate, renovate your existing home, or just add some cash to your accounts. You can even refinance to lower your monthly mortgage payment. This episode serves to explain how refinancing works and guides current homeowners through the process.

Exterior of a house with wood siding, displaying architectural details and materials.

Refinancing 3-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Jul 24, 2023

What Was The Adverse Market Refinance Fee?

The FHFA eliminated the adverse market refinance fee, which was used to cover increased costs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how that affects refinancing.

A woman smiling at a desk, radiating positivity and contentment.

Refinancing 8-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Jul 12, 2023

8 Great Tips For Refinancing Your Mortgage

Not sure what to look for or expect when refinancing your mortgage loan? Uncover some helpful tips for refinancing so you can better understand the process.

A woman hugging her daughter.

Refinancing 4-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Jun 27, 2023

RefiNow<sup>TM</sup> and Refi Possible<sup>SM</sup> Allow More Homeowners To Lower Their Mortgage Payments

If difficulty qualifying due to higher debt has left you unable to refinance to lower your rate in the past, check out RefiNowTM and Refi PossibleSM.

Grey home with white framing and red mulch, depicting a specific house exterior with landscaping.

Refinancing 4-Minute Read

Ashley Kilroy - Mar 31, 2023

No Cash-Out Refinance: A Guide

For homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage, a no cash-out refinance could be a useful option. Learn about no cash-out refinances and how they work here.

A modern contemporary house with lots of windows, showcasing architectural design and residential style.

Refinancing 9-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Feb 22, 2023

What Is A Tangible Net Benefit?

Tangible net benefit, or net tangible benefit, is the advantageous gains that a borrower gets by refinancing. Read more about the benefits of refinancing here.

Move or Remodel in Activity Video

Refinancing 6-Minute Read

Oct 25, 2022

Should I Move Or Remodel

If you’re unhappy with your current home, you have two options: renovate or move. This is a big financial and emotional decision, and The Red Desk will walk you through the pros and cons of both.

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