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Showcasing a small house with an eye-catching Tiffany blue door.

Mortgage Basics - 7-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Apr 10, 2024

What Is Fannie Mae (FNMA)? A Guide For Home Buyers

The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), or Fannie Mae, purchases and backs mortgage loans for borrowers. Learn more about how Fannie Mae works.

A couple signing papers, potentially associated with finalizing a real estate deal or mortgage agreement.

Mortgage Basics - 8-Minute Read

Sidney Richardson - Apr 10, 2024

Joint Mortgage: What To Know About Applying For A Home Loan Jointly

Buying with a joint mortgage could get you and a co-borrower a better deal on a home loan. Learn about joint mortgage requirements and how the process works.

Couple sitting on a couch, having a conversation or relaxing together while looking at something on the tablet.

Mortgage Basics - 7-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Apr 10, 2024

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Paying off your mortgage early reduces the amount that you’ll pay over time, but is it a good idea? Figure out if paying your mortgage early is worth it or not.

Young couple inside their home with their baby.

Mortgage Basics - 9-Minute Read

Hanna Kielar - Apr 10, 2024

Qualifying For A Mortgage: The Basics

Many factors can determine whether you qualify for a mortgage. Learn what factors affect your mortgage qualification and how you can improve your chances.

A couple having coffee and smiling.

Mortgage Basics - 11-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Apr 10, 2024

How To Buy A House With No Money Down

If you’re struggling to come up with a down payment, you may still be able to qualify for a home loan. See your options for buying a house with no money down.

A woman in a sweater looking at a laptop, possibly working or engaging in online activities.

Mortgage Basics - 4-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Apr 8, 2024

Variable Interest Rate: Should You Get One?

Unlike a fixed interest rate, a variable interest rate changes over time based on a predetermined index. Learn how these rates work and why you might want one.

A couple with an agent in a home, likely discussing real estate matters.

Mortgage Basics - 7-Minute Read

Miranda Crace - Apr 6, 2024

Capital Gains Tax On Real Estate And Home Sales: A Guide

Are you required to pay the capital gains tax on your real estate property? Review our guide to learn what the capital gains tax is, when to pay it and more.

A suburban home with green and well cared garden.

Mortgage Basics - 5-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Apr 5, 2024

The Mortgage Constant Explained

 The mortgage constant is the amount paid in debt service each year divided by the amount of a loan, expressed as a percent. Learn more about mortgage constants.

Woman sitting at kitchen table working on laptop.

Mortgage Basics - 6-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Apr 4, 2024

How To Calculate Per Diem Interest

Borrowers can calculate per diem interest using a simple formula. Learn more about what per diem interest is and how it can be calculated on a mortgage loan.

A brick home in Texas, depicting a traditional residential property in a specific location.

Mortgage Basics - 11-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Apr 4, 2024

How Rising Fed Interest Rates Can Affect Home Buyers And Sellers

The Fed rate hikes have raised mortgage interest rates in 2022. See how higher Fed interest rates affect home buyers and sellers and what borrowers can do next.

Man writing finances in a notebook, indicating budgeting or financial planning.

Mortgage Basics - 10-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Apr 4, 2024

How To Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment: A Guide

Are you wondering how much your estimated monthly payment would be on a mortgage? Check out our guide and learn how to calculate your mortgage payment.

A mother and her baby resting together on a cozy couch.

Mortgage Basics - 6-Minute Read

Hanna Kielar - Apr 3, 2024

What Is A Homeowners Insurance Binder And When Do You Need One?

A homeowners insurance binder is temporary proof of coverage until an official policy is issued. Learn what an insurance binder includes and how to get one.

Image of a pensive woman, possibly considering real estate or financial decisions.

Mortgage Basics - 12-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Apr 3, 2024

How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Mortgage?

Wondering how bankruptcy affects a mortgage? Read our guide to learn what happens to a mortgage if you file for bankruptcy, and the options that are available.

Man on phone getting mortgage pre-approval.

Mortgage Basics - 5-Minute Read

Miranda Crace - Apr 3, 2024

How Long Does A Mortgage Preapproval Last?

How long a mortgage preapproval lasts depends on the lender but is usually around 60 – 90 days. Learn more about how long mortgage preapproval can last.

Colonial-style house in Massachusetts with a white exterior and greenery.

Mortgage Basics - 6-Minute Read

Miranda Crace - Apr 3, 2024

House Deed: Defined And Explained

A house deed is a physical document legally transferring ownership of real estate. Learn more about how house deeds affect sellers and buyers.

Two women looking over mortgage documents together at signing.

Mortgage Basics - 7-Minute Read

Ashley Kilroy - Apr 3, 2024

How Does Mortgage Interest Work? Everything You Need To Know

If you’re buying a home, you’ll need to know how mortgage interest will work with the loan you choose. Learn the basics of mortgage interest and why it matters.

A family playing together in the lounge at home, showing family bonding and leisure time.

Mortgage Basics - 4-Minute Read

Kara Porter - Apr 3, 2024

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act: Defined And Explained

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) mandates public reporting around mortgage lending activities. Learn more about the HMDA and how it works.

An elderly couple sitting and reading together having a good time.

Mortgage Basics - 8-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Mar 30, 2024

Mortgage Protection Insurance Explained: Does Every Homeowner Need It?

Mortgage protection insurance is an insurance policy that helps the family of the policyholder make mortgage payments after they die. Read on to learn more.

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