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Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies For 2023

April 19, 2024 7-minute read

Author: Ashley Kilroy


If you’re the owner of a mobile home, you can peruse the nation’s top insurance companies for a policy that will cover your home, valuable possessions and more. Although mobile home insurance isn’t mandatory under law, lenders usually require it before they’ll finance a mobile home.

Whether a home sits on a basement, crawlspace, metal frame or wheels, it needs protection. Let’s walk through what mobile home insurance usually covers and the top insurance companies that provide policies for these types of homes.

Do You Need Insurance For A Mobile Home?

Along with covering damage to your mobile home and personal belongings, a mobile home insurance policy can protect you against liability claims if someone suffers an injury on your property or you damage someone else’s property or possessions.

In addition, lenders generally won’t finance a mobile home unless you have insurance. As a result, buying a mobile home in cash is likely the only way to avoid buying insurance. It’s important to note that some lenders don’t offer financing on mobile or manufactured homes, regardless of insurance.

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What Does Mobile Home Insurance Include?

Mobile home insurance shares features with homeowners insurance, which is for traditional homes on a permanent foundation. Policies on mobile homes include the types of coverage discussed below.

Dwelling Coverage

Mobile home dwelling coverage protects against theft and various types of damage (including fire and hail) to the home. Your policy may help repair or replace parts of your home and additional structures on your property. For example, if you have a deck or garage, your policy may cover it. However, this coverage doesn’t extend to normal wear and tear or other specific types of damage, such as flooding.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage encompasses electronics, furniture and other belongings. In addition, you may have coverage up to a certain amount for valuables such as jewelry. If you’re concerned about items of exceptionally high value, you may need to add a rider to your policy to enhance your coverage.

Loss-Of-Use Coverage

Loss-of-use coverage helps pay for expenses if you ever need to vacate your home because of a covered incident. For example, you might stay at a hotel while your mobile home insurance company removes mold from your mobile home. Your policy may cover the costs for your stay up to a specified maximum.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage kicks in if someone receives an injury on your property. In addition, it covers costs incurred by damaging another person’s property. The policy doesn’t cover you or other family members living in the home, though, so you can’t make a claim for suffering an injury in your home.

The Best Mobile Home Insurers For 2024

Now that you know what to look for in a mobile home insurance policy, here are several mobile home insurance companies offering a range of policies. Each has strengths and weaknesses that suit different situations and regions.

1. CoverTree

Our sister company CoverTree offers a broad range of insurance coverage at an affordable price. You can apply online and get a quote in minutes.


  • Coverage for property damage, plus contents and personal liability coverage if anyone is injured or has their property damaged by you
  • Coverage for homeowners, renters and landlords alike
  • The ability to save up to 40% in just 3 minutes with an online quote
  • Special coverage for earthquakes, additional living expenses and even golf carts
  • Offers coverage for tiny homes on wheels


  • Availability in only 14 states

2. Foremost Insurance Group

Foremost Insurance Group offers customizable policies for mobile homes regardless of make, model or age. Foremost provides broad coverage and several discounts to increase affordability.


  • Thanks to the Agreed Loss Settlement feature, receiving the full value of your home (minus the deductible) without a hassle if a covered cause destroys it
  • The ability to add an Optional Replacement Cost rider to your replacement coverage for your possessions (You’ll receive items of similar quality without accounting for the age or condition of your original items.)
  • Discounts for new homes, multiple policies, approved park locations and policyholders over age 50
  • Policies that are highly customizable


  • Relatively high prices
  • The absence of instant online quotes (You’ll receive your quote via email within 24 hours.)

3. Allstate

Allstate provides numerous insurance types. The company offers detailed policies for mobile home insurance and special discounts.


  • Discounts for original owners, retirees over 55, multiple policies and security devices
  • Reimbursement for installing energy-efficient appliances and devices
  • Unique riders, such as musical instruments and electronic data recovery
  • Nationwide availability


  • Lack of coverage – with its typical policies – for loss-of-use
  • The need to add riders for outdoor items and landscaping

4. American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance is a seasoned company offering homeowners, renters and mobile home insurance. The company provides numerous unique perks to stand out from its competition, catering to the needs of those who own a mobile home.


  • The Diminishing Deductible perk that reduces your deductible by $100 when you renew your policy (You can reduce your deductible by up to $500 this way.)
  • The Matching Siding Endorsement perk that prevents awkward repairs for vinyl and metal siding
  • The Trip Collision Coverage perk, which protects the home if you transport it
  • An expansion of water damage coverage with the Hidden Water Damage perk
  • Being able to acquire estimates for purchasing a mobile home on the website
  • Discounts for smart home devices, multiple policies, new homes and more


  • Your deductible being reset when making a claim, which means having to build the diminishing deductible discount again over 5 years
  • Extra cost for coverage on additional structures
  • Availability in only 19 states

5. State Farm

State Farm, another insurance giant, offers mobile home insurance. It provides a wide range of coverage you can customize to your liking.


  • Loss-of-use coverage that includes rental income if you rent out your home
  • Personal property coverage that applies to your possessions even when they aren’t in the home
  • Discounts for security systems, age of the home and a history of insuring your primary residence with the company
  • The ability to add coverage for damage from an earthquake or volcanic explosion
  • Deductible options that help your policy fit your budget
  • Reports of high customer satisfaction


  • Fewer discounts than some other companies
  • Challenges estimating pricing if you don’t get a quote
  • No riders for water seepage, flooding or business activity

Top-Rated Mobile Home Insurance Companies: At A Glance

The table below is a simplified breakdown of the five companies. Keep in mind that choosing insurance is personal and not every company will be a good fit for your mobile home insurance needs. Take the time to do some research and find the insurance company that works best for your situation.

When looking at pricing, consider the overall cost of insurance coverage. Some companies will offer “discounts” based on the relative risk of insuring your property. Others just bake those risk factors into the base price.


Best For

Available Add-Ons


Those who want savings while also having options for personal liability and contents coverage

Golf cart, earthquake, identity fraud, incidental farming, water backup, equipment breakdown, additional structures, medical payments to others, trip, additional living expenses


Customers with older homes

Agreed Loss Settlement, Optional Replacement Cost


Customers with specific items or electronic data, and customers in remote regions

Identity theft protection, water backup damage, sports equipment, green improvement reimbursement, musical instruments, electronic data recovery

State Farm

Customers who want to modify the deductible or have already insured their home with State Farm for years

Replacement cost coverage, identity restoration, earthquake and volcanic explosions

American Family

Customers who want a low deductible or water damage coverage and live in one of the 19 covered states

Matching siding, trip collision, hidden water damage, additional structures

FAQs About Mobile Home Insurance Companies

Mobile home insurance is complex, and policies vary by company. As a result, questions can arise as you sift through quotes, discounts and add-ons. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

How much is mobile home insurance?

Mobile home insurance costs between $300 and $1,000 annually, according to Your mobile home insurance cost depends on several factors, including your location, the age of the home, and added coverage needs.

What does mobile home insurance not cover?

Generally, mobile home insurance policies don’t cover:

  • Water damage from floods, backups and sewers
  • Wet or dry rot
  • Pests
  • Earthquakes
  • Normal wear and tear

However, you may be able to purchase add-ons to expand your coverage to specific areas.

How do I get insurance for a mobile home?

You can get insurance for a mobile home by visiting a mobile home insurance company in person or online. Typically, you can receive a quote by submitting your information online, chatting with an agent or representative, or obtaining your local agent’s contact information from a company website.

The Bottom Line

Mobile home insurance can bring peace of mind by insuring your home and possessions. In addition, it can protect against the risks of transporting the home, incurring damage to personal property, a guest suffering injury and loss, and living in an area prone to natural disasters.

Mobile home insurance companies offer an array of perks, discounts and add-ons to help you customize your policy to fit your needs. Researching various companies and obtaining multiple quotes can reveal which company will serve your needs best.

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