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Wealth Wednesdays

Lauren Nowacki

March 10, 2021


Rocket Mortgage® is honored to partner with Stacey Tisdale and the Wealth Wednesdays team to help those in the black community achieve their financial goals and dreams of homeownership. The Wealth Wednesdays series explores the political and societal forces that have historically kept those in the black community from seeing their light and how, despite these challenges, they can build wealth and achieve their life goals both today and in the future. 

In addition to the great resources provided by this Breakfast Club series, we’ve put together a resource guide to help you succeed even more with your money, your credit and, when you’re ready, your home purchase.

Wealth Wednesdays/Stacey Tisdale

Award-winning financial journalist and author, Stacey Tisdale teaches us how the government used real estate to separate blacks and whites and shares stories of inspiring female homeowners in her series #RealEstateReset.

Home Buying

Buying a home is as exhilarating as it can be stressful. These articles help take the overwhelm out of purchasing your first home and help prepare you for everything from house hunting to sitting down at the closing table.

Mortgage Education

Mortgages make financing your dream home possible. Learn more about the different loan options you have and which one is best for you. Then, find out what you need to do to qualify.

Personal Finance And Credit

Whether you’re looking for ways to build your credit, pay off debt, create a budget or save for a big expense, these articles can help you achieve your money goals.

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Lauren Nowacki

Lauren Nowacki is a staff writer specializing in personal finance, homeownership and the mortgage industry. She has a B.A. in Communications and has worked as a writer and editor for various publications in Philadelphia, Chicago and Metro Detroit.