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Escrow: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Escrow is important to estate transactions, but what is it? Read our deep dive into escrow, how it works and why it matters when buying or selling a home.

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The Benefits Of Servicing With Rocket Mortgage

Dealing with your mortgage doesn’t end when you close the loan. Learn what a mortgage servicer is and why a good one is crucial.

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Mortgage Basics - 7-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - May 30, 2024

Need Mortgage Help? Here Are Your Options

If you think you may need help with your mortgage payments, it’s good to be proactive. Find out what options you have and what to do next to protect your home.

Two women shaking hands, indicating a successful agreement or partnership in real estate.

Mortgage Basics - 4-Minute Read

Sarah Sharkey - May 6, 2024

What Is A Mortgage Reinstatement?

Mortgage reinstatement can be a vital lifeline for borrowers who have missed payments and want to avoid foreclosure. Learn more about how it works here.

Street view of a development, showing urban or suburban development projects.

Mortgage Basics - 5-Minute Read

Kevin Graham - Apr 25, 2024

What In The World Is An Escrow Shortage?

Understanding escrow shortages and what causes a negative escrow balance is important for homeowners to know. Read on to learn how to navigate these situations.

A man and a women looking at the laptop and smiling.

Mortgage Basics - 7-Minute Read

Sidney Richardson - Apr 20, 2024

Pay Off Mortgage Or Invest: How To Make The Right Choice

Deciding whether to pay off a mortgage or invest can be tricky. Get familiar with all of the potential financial risks and rewards before making this decision.

Large white two story house with porch atop a vast green lawn.

Mortgage Basics - 6-Minute Read

Scott Steinberg - Apr 12, 2024

How To Get Out Of A Mortgage: When To Walk Away, How To Remove Your Name And How To Get Out Legally

Knowing how to get out of a mortgage the right way can save you from financial ruin. Read our tips for digging yourself out of your mortgage mess.

Couple sitting on a couch, having a conversation or relaxing together while looking at something on the tablet.

Mortgage Basics - 7-Minute Read

Victoria Araj - Apr 10, 2024

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Paying off your mortgage early reduces the amount that you’ll pay over time, but is it a good idea? Figure out if paying your mortgage early is worth it or not.