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COVID-19 Resource Guide


The COVID-19 (also known as "coronavirus") situation has quickly changed our daily lives. We've put together this resource guide to help with the most common financial questions. For Quicken Loans clients considering mortgage help, here's an overview of your mortgage assistance options.

If you currently have a mortgage with us and can’t make your mortgage payment, you can apply for assistance options on Rocket MortgageIf you want to learn more about the types of help we can offer, you can visit our Mortgage Assistance Education Center.


Quicken Loans® Clients And Mortgage Assistance During COVID-19

Have you been impacted by the novel coronavirus COVID-19? Here’s more information on what Quicken Loans is doing and how you can stay safe! Read more about mortgage assistance on Rocket Mortgage.

Home Appraisals And Closing Appointments During COVID-19

At a time when social distancing due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) is in effect, we understand this may raise concern. In order to be open and transparent, we’re reaching out with this message to update you on our ongoing efforts to keep you safe. Read more about home appraisals and closings during coronavirus on Rocket Mortgage.

What COVID-19 Means For Mortgage Refinancing

Are you looking to refi? Wondering what COVID-19 (coronavirus) means for mortgage refinancing? Read our article to learn more about mortgage refinancing during COVID-19 on Quicken Loans Learning Center. 

Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Suspend Foreclosures

For mortgage borrowers who have been impacted by COVID-19, relief is available. See how the mortgage industry is meeting the unique needs of this situation. Read more about the decision to suspend foreclosures on the Quicken Loans Learning Center.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Real Estate And The Housing Market

COVID-19 has had tremendous repercussions on the housing market. Learn about how these unprecedented times have impacted real estate and home purchase trends

Economic News

Federal Reserve Makes Emergency Rate Cut

In an emergency meeting, the Federal Reserve explored options to support the economy amidst the coronavirus outbreak by making an emergency rate cut. Read more about the Federal Reserve's emergency rate cut on Zing!

Coronavirus Forces Federal Reserve Emergency Moves – Market Update

Coronavirus is officially here, and it looks like it’s going to stay for a while. The Federal Reserve made a move to protect the economy during the pandemic. Read more about the Federal Reserve's emergency moves on Zing!

How The Federal Funds Rate Impacts Consumer Interest Rates

Have you ever wondered how short-term interest rates like the federal funds rate impact interest rates for consumer loans? We have answers. Read more about how the federal funds rate impacts consumer interest rates on Zing!

COVID-19 Stimulus Checks: Your Questions Answered

While many are eager to know more about the stimulus check, it’s important to know about the COVID-19 stimulus package it’s part of and the reason the government is coordinating this effort in the first place. Read more about the stimulus package on Rocket HQ.

Personal Finance

Tax Deadline For 2020 Pushed Back Amid COVID-19: What This Means For You

You may have heard that the IRS will be extending the deadline to file your 2019 tax returns. Learn what this decision means and whether it’s worth waiting. Read more about  what this means for you and your taxes on Rocket HQ.

How To Maintain Financial Health During The COVID-19 Situation

Let’s take a closer look at how you can keep your finances in order as the coronavirus spreads around the world.  Read more about maintaining financial health during COVID-19 on Rocket HQ.

How To Protect Your Credit Score During The Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 is spreading uncertainty and fear across the world. We’ll take a closer look at how you can weather this storm while keeping your credit score intact.  Read more about protecting your credit score during COVID-19 on Rocket HQ.

7 Ways To Protect Your 401(k) From COVID-19

News of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused markets everywhere to drop rapidly. As we ride this thing out, here are some steps you can take to protect your 401(k) or other retirement savings from this outbreak. Read more about how to protect your 401(k) from COVID-19.


Tips To Stay Connected And Active While Still Social Distancing

Social distancing can feel isolating, but there are things we can do to maintain the human connection with friends and family. Read more about tips to stay connected while social distancing.

How To Work From Home: A Complete Guide For 2020

Telecommuting has become the new normal for many of us. Read on to learn how to set up a home office that helps you get the job done.

Side Hustles That Anyone Can Do From Home

If you’re looking for a source of extra cash or trying to build an emergency fund, now might be a great time to start that side hustle you’ve always dreamed of. Here are some temporary options to get you started.

How To Handle Existing Travel Plans During COVID-19

Many of us will be forced to do cancel upcoming trips in the coming weeks and months. Today we will share how to handle your existing travel plans during COVID-19.

20 Creative Activities For Kids To Do At Home During COVID-19

Here are 20 creative activities for kids to do at home that encourage them to use their imaginations, burn off some energy and work through different emotions during this crazy time. Read how to set them up.

Home Maintenance To Tackle When Cooped Up At Home

Many of us are suddently finding ourselves with lots of time on our hands. If you are finding yourself cooped up in your home, one way to stay active and busy is to make sure you keep up on some home maintenance. Read more about simple home maintenance projects you can do to fill your time.

Tips To Properly Sanitize Your Home For COVID-19

You’ve been staying home, social distancing and washing your hands what feels like every 10 minutes. Here’s what the CDC says you should be doing to disinfect and protect your home from this virus.

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