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Electric Lady

May 22, 2023


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For Shana Turner, there was never a dull moment. As a dedicated teacher and a mom, there was always something that demanded her attention. Her life was often hectic – but Shana loved it. She liked being her family’s backbone.

“On the weekends, it was outside work. It was taking the kids places,” Shana says. “People would say I was kind of like the Energizer Bunny, I never stopped.”

From dawn ‘til dusk, Shana was on the move. She’d wake her kids up, take them to school, go to work, coach gymnastics, come home, cook dinner, and then do housework, too, after her kids went to bed. She prided herself on her ability to reliably juggle so many things. Her children and her students meant the world to her, so the work was rewarding.

Woman taking a selfie in front of a set of brick steps leading to a screened in patio.
Shana Turner smiling outside her home in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Shana’s busy life was going great – until one day, everything changed in an instant.

On September 30, 2015, Shana was standing on the school field, coaching the girls soccer team. It started to pour rain, suddenly, so she decided to get out of the downpour to stay dry. She hurried over to the ticket booth beside the field but realized there was already someone taking cover inside. So, she sheltered against the metal door outside the booth instead, so she could at least take partial cover under the building.

But then, suddenly it happened. Shana was struck by lightning.

“I didn't get to see it. I heard it, just this loud boom that I'll never forget,” Shana says. “Where I was leaning on the metal doorframe on my arm, it felt like boiling Jell-O.”

Shana says her feet started tingling, and her chest hurt so badly it felt like it might cave in.

“I mean, I knew at that point I had been struck by lightning, but I didn't even understand what that meant because I was alive,” Shana explains.

The bolt had landed within 20 feet of her and traveled from the metal door she had been leaning on through her body. She’d been thrown to the ground. Confused and disoriented, she was somehow able to get to her feet. When people came to her aid, Shana assured them she was alright – and shockingly, people believed her. No one got her help. She was left to drive herself and her son home.

Woman smiling as her large black and white dog kisses her cheek.
Shana with her dog, Bolt.

Unable to drive, Shana’s boyfriend had to come get her. She was rushed to the hospital, but after getting a CAT scan there, she was told there was nothing they could treat and that she could go home. So, Shana went home, hopeful that she would make a quick recovery. What happened next was not what she was expecting.

In this episode, follow Shana on her journey of recovery as she learns how to cope with life after lightning.

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