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April 16, 2024


What Is Home. Made.?

Home. Made. is an original podcast from Rocket Mortgage®. It starts with a simple concept: Inside every home, there’s a story.

Hosted by Emmy award-winning journalist and author Stephanie Foo (This American LifeSnap Judgment), each episode of Home. Made. explores the meaning of home and what it can teach us about ourselves and each other.

Heart-wrenching, hilarious, thought-provoking and downright unexpected, take a journey into the diversity of home in America.

Join us for our second season as we explore the fundamental need for shelter and belonging that unites us all.

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Latest Episode

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S3 Episode 6: Chosen Family

Kim Ceurstemont always knew she wanted to be a mother. In her late 30s and still single, she opted to become pregnant through a donor.

Previous Episodes

Season 3

S3 Episode 5: Blind Surfer

As a teenager, Ling Pai had barely settled into her new home, in a new country, when she learned she was losing her sight.

S3 Episode 4: House Managers

Robert and Dareda owned 7 homes – including lakefront property and a 50-acre farm. And then it all came crashing down. But that didn’t quite spell the end of their opulent lifestyle....

S3 Episode 3: Baker

Jazzmyn Cramer and Chris Phillips arrived in Chama, New Mexico, with plans to build a home together. But in a flash, everything changed. Suddenly, Jazzmyn found herself alone, broke, and in a town where she knew no one.

S3 Episode 2: Found In The Fire

While Brandon Smith was in prison, he became a volunteer for Fire Camp and helped California tame its wildfires.. 

S3 Episode 1: The Birwood Wall

Explore the legacy of segregation in Detroit and a community’s efforts to preserve the Birwood Wall - built to keep Black residents out of white neighborhoods. 

Season 2

S2 Episode 9: Electric Lady

Shana Turner was struck by lightning and survived, miraculously unharmed – or so everyone thought. 

S2 Episode 8: Mattie And The Motorcycle

Growing up in the church, there were a lot of things Mattie Murrey was told she couldn’t do. But she was a rebel – and a daredevil, too.

S2 Episode 7: The Lady Is A Saddle Tramp

When Shannon King’s marriage ended abruptly, she realized that somewhere along the way, she had forgotten her #1 priority: herself.

S2 Epiosde 6: One Thread At A Time

Two people find a sense of belonging through a shared hobby: sewing. 

S2 Episode 5: The City I Live In

Two people learn to love their new homes.

S2 Episode 4: The Principal

When Michael Atkins’s daughter was born, he vowed to support his family and be the father he didn’t have growing up.

S2 Episode 3: Moving Out Of The Living Room

Ismael Chamu says he was homeless before he was even born. 

S2 Episode 2: The Accidental Mayor Of Mobile City

Kenny Phillips once had it all.

S2 Episode 1: Rez Ball

Quiana Dishface knew that going to high school off the Navajo Nation was her best shot at going to college to play basketball. 

Season 1

S1 Episode 10: Boots On The Farm

After he returned from war, his PTSD almost killed him.

S1 Episode 9: My Roommate, The Ghost

This week, we’ll uncover two not-so-scary stories about haunted houses.

S1 Episode 8: Home After The Hurricane

Kim Ford loved her home in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. 

S1 Episode 7: The Artist Who Drew Himself Out Of Prison

When he was just 21 years old, Valentino Dixon was sentenced to 39 years to life for a murder he didn’t commit.

S1 Episode 6: Like Father...

Our relationships with our parents in childhood don’t always end up being what we would’ve hoped.

S1 Episode 5: Home. Alone.

Sometimes, the loneliness of being home alone can be a catalyst for connection. 

S1 Episode 4: The Landlady

Shaheen goes in search of the woman who saved her family from homelessness - a woman known only as “the landlady.

S1 Episode 3: Why Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Struggling to find community in his family’s new home, Michael Wood-Lewis builds a social network to meet his neighbors.

S1 Episode 2: The Man And The Mountain

In 1980, as Mount St. Helens threatened to erupt, lodge owner Harry R. Truman refused to go.

S1 Episode 1: Is There A Doctor In The Dollhouse?

Dr. Kwandaa Roberts faced a daunting midlife career change, juggling her thriving practice with her interior design business after a dollhouse she designed went viral on social media.

About Our Host, Stephanie Foo

Stephanie Foo is an Emmy-winning radio producer and writer, returning for her third season as host of Home. Made.

Learn More About Stephanie Foo.     

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