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Curb Appeal: 15 DIY Upgrade Ideas

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September 18, 2020


Curb appeal can play an important role in refinancing, selling and appraising your home. If you’re interested in adding some curb appeal to your property but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. We’ll let you know how much curb appeal matters and fill you in on the quickest and easiest DIY tips to instantly boost the value of your home.

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What Does Curb Appeal Mean?

Curb appeal is how your home looks from the street. It can include anything on the exterior of the home in addition to the home’s landscaping, sidewalks, and driveways. A house that has a lot of curb appeal is seen as more desirable or visually appealing, and tends to attract more buyers than houses with little curb appeal.

Why Does Curb Appeal Matter?

Believe it or not, curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of getting your home ready to sell. It’s the first impression of your home and is essentially the cover of the book. If you’re thinking about adding some curb appeal to your property, know that a few simple DIY projects to spruce up the outside of your home could mean the difference between finding a new owner or watching potential buyers pass you by.

15 DIY Curb Appeal Ideas

If you’re worried that an attempt to make your home look better will just turn into another unfinished project, don’t worry. Improving your home’s curb appeal is easier than it might seem. Just a few quick weekends of sprucing projects could help you sell or refinance faster than ever.

Leave the Light On

A well-lit home can increase curb appeal because it can brighten a home’s exterior and show that there are signs of life inside. A quick replacement of your exterior lighting fixtures is a great way to update your home’s look and make your house look more welcoming. After updating the exterior’s lighting fixtures, make sure to leave the lights on at night to illuminate your yard and keep your home’s glow.

Deck the Door

One of the easiest ways to boost curb appeal is by adding a seasonal wreath to your door. Wreaths can make a house feel more homey, give off a positive vibe, and look more inviting. Depending on the time of year, think about what type of wreath could make your house look more fun and festive. For example, for spring you can get a wreath with pastel colors or tulips, for summer you can get a floral wreath with sunflowers or daisies, for fall you can get one with leaves or earthy tones, and for winter you can get one with pinecones or ornaments.

Create a Seating Area

Adding seating to your porch will not only boost your home’s curb appeal, but also give you and your family a place to relax. If you’re thinking about creating a sitting area on your porch, you have so many options for seating, including porch swings, benches, or tables and chairs.

Embrace Flower Power

Flowers are the perfect pop of color for any front yard. They will attract attention, make your house look more inviting, and brighten up your home’s exterior. Whether you choose to add a few flowers or a whole garden, you can showcase your new flora in window boxes, flower-lined walkways, or in a potted arrangement.

Dare To Go Bold

A statement door is a guaranteed way to catch the eyes of every passerby. It will give your house more character and show visitors that it is fun and has personality. If you think your home could pull off a bold colored door, give it a try! Maybe even paint your shutters, too.

Shear the Shrubs

If your front yard resembles a jungle or forest, you might consider giving your shrubs a little TLC. Trimming any bushes or trees in and around your front yard will significantly boost your curb appeal and make your front yard look healthy and cared for.

Make The Siding Sparkle

An easy way to make your home’s exterior look brand new is by pressure washing any surface that might be dusty or dirty. Inspect your siding, roof, porch, walkway, driveway and garage to see if they could use some polishing, then use a pressure washer to make them shine.

Update Your Walkway

If your home’s exterior is looking a little outdated, consider updating your walkway to give it a new look. Updating your walkway can make your home look more inviting and bring more visitors inside. You can update your walkway by adding flowers along the side, or by rebricking or restoning it.

Add A Fresh Coat

Don’t underestimate the power of paint! Repainting your home’s exterior will significantly raise curb appeal by giving the facade an eye-catching fresh look.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Another update to consider is the hardware on the outside of your home. You can upgrade your mailbox, house numbers, doorknobs, or door knockers. You might think these small changes won’t make a big difference, but they will be worth it.

Declutter The Property

It’s possible that your house might not be getting as much attention because it’s not giving off a good first impression. This could be because your front yard is too cluttered. A quick way to fix this is by moving tools, toys and other items from your yard to your garage.

Pave The Driveway

If a bumpy or broken driveway is taking the focus away from your house, paving it could take your curb appeal from a 0 to a 10. Fresh pavement can brighten up your home’s exterior and make your house look younger, too. It can also attract families and potential home buyers looking to spend a lot of time outside.

Wash The Windows

Another way to freshen up your curb appeal is by washing your windows. Washing each window in your home will remove dirt and grime, and it will make your house look newer. If you have particularly outdated or soiled windows, you might even consider upgrading your home’s windows altogether.

Let The Sunshine In

Windows are a great way to get a glimpse at the interior of a home before stepping foot inside. So be sure to open your blinds, shutters and curtains, because being able to see a brighter home on the inside boosts curb appeal and helps a home sell.

Create A Warm Welcome

Welcome your visitors and potential buyers inside with a new mat outside of your front door. Nothing says “come in” more than a house with strong curb appeal!

Curb Appeal: The Value of Before and After

Now, compare your home’s current value to the potential it has if you spruce it up with some of these easy DIY tips. Updating your curb appeal can mean the difference between closing or getting your asking price (or more) for your home, and having to lower the price to sell. Following these tips can help boost your curb appeal in just a couple weekends. Visit the learning center for more great information!

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